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Join Over 8,000 PlushCare Patients on PrEP

PrEP Prescription

PrEP is FDA approved to prevent HIV. If taken every day as directed, PrEP is up to 98% effective.  

We accept these insurance plans and many more!

PrEP with PlushCare could not be easier. Book an appointment online or on the app, speak with a doctor for 15 minutes, and pick up PrEP from your local pharmacy. 

Your PlushCare appointment will cost between $0 and $25 (depending on your insurance plan).

PrEP with PlushCare

1. Schedule an appointment from your phone

2. Speak with a doctor for 15 minutes

3. Pick up your prescription from a pharmacy near you

Get your PrEP prescription in 15 minutes

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Or, get a prescription for something else

PlushCare doctors can prescribe E.D. medication in 15 minutes.

Erectile Dysfunction

Sick? PlushCare doctors can see you and prescribe medications just like a primary care doctor.

Antibiotics & Tamiflu

Need a refill of an existing medication? Yup, we can do that too.


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